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New Products
OAS130 Alto Saxophone Outfit
SKU: 2767
G & l blues boy blonde
SKU: 2764
G & l blues boy in blonde classic designed by Leo fender and George fullerton
G & l assay classic candy apple red
SKU: 2763
G & l asat classic t shape in candy apple red with rosewood neck
Budda om overdrive pedal
SKU: 2761
£75.00 £69.00
The Budda Mantra overdrive is the perfect pedal to take your solos straight through the mix. It has plenty of gain for modern music, but also focuses the EQ in such a way to make sure and get your solos heard! For more than 20 years Budda Amps have led
Budda Samsara Delay Pedal
SKU: 2760
£93.00 £85.00
The Samsara Delay provides 600ms of delay time. Vintage sound and easy controls help you dial in just that right amount of delay, whether you are looking for a bit of slapback or full on U2 inspired ambiance. With the tone control you can mimic the low-fi
Budda chakra compressor
SKU: 2759
£93.00 £85.00
Budda Karma Chorus Pedal
SKU: 2758
£85.00 £75.00
Chorus and vibrato stompbox effect for guitar Standard depth, speed, and level controls let you define your chorus sound Vibrato effect with blend control lets you augment your chorus sound True-bypass circuitry preserves your tone wh
Budda Zenman Dual Overdrive and Boost Pedal
SKU: 2755
£99.00 £89.00
Budda overdrive and boost pedal udda Amps have led the low wattage boutique amplifier revolution for more than 20 years. Now Budda proudly introduces the Zenman Overdrive/Boost pedal.
SU24E Electro Concert Ukulele
SKU: 2752
SU24E Electro Concert Ukulele
EKO Laredo 018 FastLok Natural Acoustic Guitar
SKU: 2751
£109.00 £99.00
EKO Laredo 018 FastLok Natural Acoustic Guitar